Is Star Wars Outlaws Steam Deck compatible?

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Is Star Wars Outlaws Steam Deck compatible? Following a strong showing during Summer Games Fest, players are eager to know whether Star Wars Outlaws will run on the Steam Deck. Early indicators suggest it will, but its absence from Steam will make this task a little trickier than usual.

We don’t predict the Star Wars Outlaws system requirements will be too much for the Steam Deck to handle. However, compatibility on the best handheld gaming PC will likely come down to the fact that the game is only going to be available on Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect.

Is Star Wars Outlaws Steam Deck compatible?

Star Wars Outlaws will not be available on Steam upon release, and will therefore not be rated. You can, however, download the game via the Epic Games Store but compatibility will be untested.

While we are still waiting for the official Star Wars Outlaws PC requirements, we predict that the game should run just fine on the lowest graphical presets at the very least.

One major aid for performance on Steam Deck would be the inclusion of AMD FSR 3.1, which was recently enabled on the Deck thanks to a SteamOS update. Sadly, AMD nor Ubisoft have yet confirmed whether FSR 3.1 will be supported by the game at launch. Nvidia, on the other hand, confirmed the full suite of DLSS 3.5 features will be present on day one, but this is of no help to Valve’s handheld.

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How to download Star Wars Outlaws on Steam Deck

Downloading non-Steam games onto the Steam Deck is an easy, albeit slightly awkward task. Before we show you how to get the game downloaded, make sure you have an active Epic Games Store account to save you from having to create one during the process. Better still, link your Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games accounts to save even more time, as you will need accounts for both services to follow our guide below.

Here is how you download Star Wars Outlaws on Steam Deck:

  1. Head into Desktop Mode on your Steam Deck.
  2. Search for and download the Heroic Games Launcher from the Steam Menu.
  3. Boot up the Heroic Launcher and link it to your Epic Games Account.
  4. Find, purchase, and download Star Wars Outlaws. Your Ubisoft Connect account will also need to be linked to your Epic account before you can play.
  5. Heroic sometimes automatically adds games to Steam, but if you can’t see the game there, return to the game page within the Herioc launcher and remove the game from Steam before adding it again.
  6. Return to Steam and boot up Star Wars Outlaws!

Epic Games Store doesn’t often support pre-loading, meaning that this process can’t be started until Star Wars Outlaws is released.

The Star Wars Outlaws release date is set in stone, with the game code having gone gold recently. You can even get a free copy if you purchase a qualifying Intel CPU by the end of July.

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