How to start De-Hoochief, A Quest of Wits, and Messenger side quests in Wuthering Waves

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Don’t expect every quest to just be handed to you. Here is how to start the De-Hoochief, A Quest of Wits, and Messenger side quests in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves: How to start De-Hoochief, A Quest of Wits, and Messenger side quests

The De-Hoochief, A Quest of Wits, and Messenger side quests appear in the Wuthering Waves map once you have unlocked the Resonance Nexus in the Dim Forest and they are located just next to the Huanglong-Dim Forest-Wenye Beach Resonance Beacon. Yes, these names keep getting better and longer. You might find it easier by just traveling south from Jinzhou city. Remember that side quests unlock after completing the Ominous Star main quest.

Wuthering Waves Side Quests Wenye BeachScreenshot: PC Invasion

Anyway, once you arrive at the zone by just walking to their location, you will notice there are no NPCs around for you to interact with. This is because all three of these side quest starter NPCs are underground. If you take a look at the area, you will notice an opening which you can drop into and you will find several scientists doing some research in the cave.

Wuthering Waves Side Quests Cave Entrance

Interacting with the three that belong to each marker will start each of the side quests, which are, by the way, pretty short and easy. Let’s take a look at each of them – spoiler: don’t expect to face any world bosses.

Wuthering Waves: De-Hoochief quest

The De-Hoochief quest is the most action-packed of them all. Talk to the Anxious Researcher who is taking a look across the cliff and she will present you with an issue: there are many Hoochiefs in this cave that need to be dealt with to study them.

Wuthering Waves De Hoochief Researcher

You will selflessly volunteer to take care of them, so just jump and use your glider to head toward the other side of the chasm and defeat the two Hoochiefs that are there minding their own business. Once you do, head back to the Anxious Researcher and the quest will end.

Wuthering Waves De Hoochief

Wuthering Waves: A Quest of Wits

A Quest of Wits is by far the shortest one of them all: all you need to do is interact with the NPC called Quwen and he will surprise you with a quiz – I hate surprise quizzes and tests, thank you high school. Anyway, once you talk to him the first part of this side quest will trigger.

Wuthering Waves A Quest Of Wits Quwen

There are three total parts, which make up three questions you need to answer. The trick is that can only answer one question per day. Contrary to the message of Xiaoyu’s message, you don’t need to wait for 24 hours, but for the Wuthering Waves daily reset (4 AM at every server’s location local time). Here are all the answers to the three questions – don’t worry if you get them wrong, there are no penalties:

What is Jinhsi’s job title?Magistrate of Jinzhou.
Who do you ask for peace?Patrol Station.
Moon hanging from the trees, where can you find blessings?Violuna Banyan.

Wuthering Waves: Messenger

The last quest listed here is the very first one you will encounter when you enter the cave. Interact with the NPC called Chuyi and he will ask you to deliver a data chip to one of the researchers on the top.

Wuthering Waves Messenger Chuyi

Head to the top by exiting the cave and you will find the Lazing Around Researcher – poor guy, he probably was just daydreaming once and he got stuck with that name. Interact with him to give him the data chip and the quest will end.

Wuthering Waves Messenger Researcher

As you can see, these quests are not as fun as defeating as tackling Tacet Fields or completing the long research quests, but they do provide a decent amount of Union Level XP. This is always a welcoming gift due to the amount of content and quests that Union Level unlocks. Don’t forget to come back to complete all the Quests of Wits and you will be good to go!

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