How to interrogate enemy Operators in Warzone BR or Plunder

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Gathering important information in Modern Warfare 3 is crucial. There are many ways to earn information, including interrogating enemies. If you like to play dangerously, we’ll show you how to interrogate enemy Operators in Warzone BR and Plunder.

Warzone: How to Interrogate enemy Operators in BR or Plunder

The battle royale of MW3 is already quite a challenge. Just see how hard it is to complete three unique contracts in a single match. So interrogating an enemy adds to that difficulty. To extract information from a fallen enemy you have to down them first. You can do this by putting in a few shots, just be careful and watch how many hits you make. I’ve on accident killed an enemy by emptying a clip into them. So keep that in mind.

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Next, when your target is crawling approach them and wait for a prompt to come on screen. This prompt will allow you to interrogate an enemy. You’ll see a progress bar filling up, so wait for it to complete

Note, that if you’re interrogating someone and they’re in a squad,  the rest of the team may be able to see the location. I suggest killing your target as soon as the bar is filled up. 

Tips on interrogating

When attacking in Warzone BR or Plunder, your ping will come up on the compass, which can act as a honey pot for other players. Even if you’re in a building or on the outside, enemy operators will be en route to your location. If this happens to you, I suggest using the Superi 46 if you’re lucky enough to have it. This weapon could be a great asset to run and gun, clear out the area, and get to your target. 

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Additionally, interrogating enemies might be easier if you’re playing in duos or in a squad. Having those extra sets of eyes plus cover can help alleviate a lot of pressure. 

The DNA Bomb Streak in MW3 might be a game-changer.

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