How to get free Ice Cream Partners event tokens in Monopoly GO

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Partners events in Monopoly GO are some of the best ways to get high-value sticker packs, thousands of dice, and exclusive cosmetic rewards. During Ice Cream Partners, you can obtain around 10,000 dice, the Ice Cream Truck token, and several powerups like Cash Boost and High Roller, making it a fun way to get some bonus items. However, you’ll need thousands of point tokens to make the most of it.

How to find free Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event tokens

Monopoly GO offers four different methods of obtaining Ice Cream Partners event tokens. Here are all four ways to get them for free consistently:

  • Participate in banner events and tournaments.
  • Land on ice cream tokens around your Monopoly board.
  • Complete daily Quick Wins objectives.
  • Redeem free shop gifts.

Events and tournaments are the best way to get these tokens if you have the dice to fly through their milestones. However, Quick Wins also net you around 250 daily, with shop gifts also providing around 70 to 100 if you redeem two to three a day.

Event and tournament rewards

Of these four methods of collecting Ice Cream Partners event tokens, banner events and tournaments are the way to go. Recurring events like Vacation Voyage can give you anywhere between 4,000 and 6,000 tokens, while tournaments also give around 1,000. They’re a fantastic way to collect these early on if you have enough dice to progress through each reward tier.

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The downside is how challenging it is to finish every reward milestone if you don’t have the dice to sustain your rolls. Even getting through half of a tournament or event can give you thousands of points, which can still help you finish a Partners event tier.

Ice Cream tokens

Another great way to get ice cream tokens is to travel around your Monopoly GO board and pick up the small tokens that spawn. Since these appear infinitely, you can farm hundreds, potentially thousands, of these, depending on your dice supply.

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However, like events and tournaments, the efficacy of this depends largely on how many dice you have, making it challenging to stockpile tokens if you don’t have much. Even just a few dice rolls can get you far, especially once you start collecting Partners event rewards.

Daily Quick Win rewards

Another way to quickly get around 250 ice cream tokens is to complete your daily Quick Wins objectives. There are three tasks to complete, with your goals ranging from upgrading landmarks to rolling doubles or finishing a bank heist.

Monopoly GO Quick Wins rewardsScreenshot by Destructoid

Typically, these objectives give you a low-grade sticker pack, some cash, or a small amount of dice. However, with a Partners event ongoing, you’ll receive some tokens alongside your regular rewards, making them worthwhile to complete. Since the Partners event lasts just over five days, you can gain up to 1,500 tokens by finishing these every day, which is enough to get through some early reward tiers.

Free shop gifts

The last reliable method to obtaining Ice Cream Partners event tokens is to claim your free shop gifts every eight hours. Each gift gives around 30 tokens, giving you a small boost to your supply. Since they refresh every eight hours, you can claim them multiple times daily to get around 70 to 100 tokens.

Monopoly GO Ice Cream shop giftScreenshot by Destructoid

Admittedly, these tokens won’t be enough to propel you through your reward tiers quickly. However, if you’re close to progressing to the next milestone and need a few more points, this may be just what you need to get there.

There are currently no free Ice Cream Partners event token links available. However, unlike Peg-E prize drop minigames and Treasures events, you’ll occasionally find free Partners tokens among free dice roll links. We’ll be sure to update this list as more links are released.

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