How to change difficulty in F1 24

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One of the most important things to make your F1 24 experience enjoyable is finding the right difficulty, but locating the option to adjust it is proving difficult. If you’re like me and struggled to do it, here’s how to change the difficulty level in F1 24.

Selecting the right difficulty in F1 24 is super important, and may take a little bit of tweaking to get right. Pick one too easy and you’ll be lapping five seconds faster than your rivals, driving at the front of the pack with no challengers near you. Too hard, and you’ll be watching the F1 drivers zoom off into the distance.

When I first opened F1 24, the difficulty was set in the low 30s, which is way too low for me. When I went to settings on the main menu, however, I couldn’t find where to change it. After some fiddling around in menus, I finally figured it out and can share the process with you.

Two Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 cars racing side by side.You want to have close racing in F1 24. Image via EA Sports

Where to change difficulty in F1 24

Now, if you went to the settings page in the main menu and couldn’t find it like me, I did discover a workaround. It’s not ideal, but works for now.

  1. On the F1 24 main menu, go to F1 World.
  2. Select “Play.”
  3. Select “Grand Prix” from the race options.
  4. Choose a track to race on. (The actual track is irrelevant, I put Bahrain as it is the first track on the calendar.”
  5. Press “Start” to open the Options menu.
  6. “Select “Difficulty” to change your difficulty.
F1 24's settings menu, showing the Difficulty tab. This is what you’re looking for. Screenshot via Destructoid

It’s unclear if difficulty being missing from the main menu is a style choice or an oversight, but either way, it would be useful for EA Sports to include it there in a future update.

F1 24 difficulty explained

According to EA Sports, the numbers you see on the difficulty screen can be categorized as follows:

  • Easy: 20-39
  • Medium: 40-59
  • Hard: 60-79
  • Expert: 80-89
  • Master: 90-94
  • Legend: 95+

A couple of years ago when I was playing a lot, I sat in the Expert range, but so far on F1 24, I’ve had to stick to the high end of Hard.

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