Foamstars hands-on preview [SGF] – This is where the foam begins

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Let me start off with the elephant in the room- this is not a Splatoon knockoff. Sure, there are similarities you’ll find when it comes to covering an area and the opposition with colorful fluids, but that’s somewhat where it ends. In our time getting to play the game, I found it frantic and fun, and it was a big surprise in terms of where things can go.

Foamstars - Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Our objective in the game mode we played, Smash the Star, wasn’t to cover the map with the most foam. Instead, it operates as a deathmatch in which you try to take out seven opponents, with a final combatant based on skill that becomes the star. As the mode implies, you’ll be trying to take them out for the win.

To do this, you’ll have to pick a character, and there seems to be a lot to it. You can choose the exact same one, but that would dilute your team, with four different archetypes that dictate the skills and abilities available. Some will be better at slipping and sliding around the map, others more precise, but all are vital to your team’s success.

Engaging on the battlefield is going to be familiar to you if you’ve played a third-person shooter. Again, there are similarities to Splatoon, with your weapons feeling more like launchers. The point of covering the map with foam however falls more on the tactical side; it’s a 3D terraforming device.

When you’re fighting your foes, it can be used to build quicker pathways for you and your team, create defensive walls, or ramps to get the drop on someone. Its benefit is also a detractor though; if the opposition covers a spot you won’t be able to move quickly on it. There are also several abilities each character has, two smaller scale and one super move, but I didn’t get a lot of time with them. It feels like it fits the methodical approach, and they often are more useful to get away than attack.

To take out an opponent you simply drain their health meter (using your foam abilities) until they’re covered in foam like a snowball. Then, you use your trusty surfboard (which is useful for moving quickly on your color foam) to smash into them. Similarly, if you are in that downed state, a friendly can surf into you and resurrect you. If you do go down, you had better hope it’s close to a teammate, because you don’t move that fast in your foam ball.

The matches we played were pretty frantic, but felt easy to acclimate to. Once you understood the feel, it became simple to take on the opposing team. My biggest takeaway is that teamwork is key; you aren’t going to pull off 1v4s in this. Focusing down over extenders before you smack them silly will often lead you to victory, at least in this mode.

After my time, I’m definitely looking forward to playing more Foamstars. It’s competitive and engaging, with my often letting out sighs of frustration if I lost a battle. Every time though, I shook it off and hunkered down for the next match. Managing to be unique and fun isn’t always a combo new IPs accomplish, but Foamstars does it with aplomb.

Foamstars is coming soon to PS4 and PS5. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more news and info!

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