FF14 Dawntrail’s fashion overhaul will completely change the endgame

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The last Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter before Dawntrail gave us a lot to get excited about. Between a look at the new raid series, an even deeper dive into the regions of Tural, and a breakdown of 7.0’s new quality-of-life features, the MMORPG’s upcoming expansion is going to be a big one. After getting the loudest reaction of all the reveals at last year’s Las Vegas Fan Fest though, the new two-dye system is what we’ve all really been waiting for, and director Naoki Yoshida just gave us our best look at the system yet.

Final Fantasy 14’s Glamour system is often touted as the MMORPG’s true endgame, and for good reason. After beating all the expansions, dungeons, raids, alliance raids, and even the Hildibrand quests you’ll suddenly turn your attention to wanting to look your absolute best. Each item in FF14 previously only had one dye slot, but 7.0 and Dawntrail are giving us two – we’re totally spoiled.

During Live Letter 82 Yoshida showed us his summer Lalafell, while giving us a deep dive into the new dye system and exactly what we can do with it. There are two tabs for each of the dye slots, and you can press one button to easily swap the colors around whenever you want, just in case you think the scheme you’ve got would look better flipped.

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There’s also a favorites slot, and once you’ve colored your gear the game will remember the last dye you used so you can quickly add that to other parts of your outfit. “With two dye slots being available now, I think you can have even more fun with co-ordinating and making this your own,” Yoshida says through a translator.

“It ties back into the graphical updates, being able to dye in these different colors will help you see what kind of lighting and colors can show on these different materials.” The upped resolution and extra dye slot will also apply to previously released clothing items as well, so keep that in mind.

Everything added in Dawntrail and 7.0 will have two dye slots, but existing gear will be updated in phases, with the team picking out popular glamour items as a higher priority. We should see all the available gear addressed around 7.4 though.

 a screenshot of the FF14 Dawntrail dye menu

We also got an update on the change to spectacles, as any of these items previously available as fashion accessories will be recategorized as facewear. Facewear even has a grand total of 12 color variations that you can choose from without dyeing them, so you can look as good as you want. This facewear can then be saved as part of your gear set in the character menu. Yoshida also mentions that more umbrellas will be added, so you can have both eyewear and parasols on your Warrior of Light at once.

The Live Letter also showed us a change coming to FF14 Dawntrail that should make your questing feel even more special as well, and it looks like dungeons are getting a big improvement in Dawntrail – so here’s hoping the change gets added to the whole game.

If you can’t wait for your trip to Tural our very own Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail preview has everything you need to know, and we can also help you pick your next Final Fantasy 14 class or Final Fantasy 14 race before the next expansion drops too.

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