Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Top 5 Weapons To Grab ASAP In The Realm Of Shadow

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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Top 5 Weapons To Grab ASAP In The Realm Of ShadowLeading up to FromSoftware’s most anticipated DLC expansion yet in Shadow Of The Erdtree, the sneak peeks we’ve had at the new combat options have been exciting to watch.

Now that the expansion is actually here, and we at PSU have played it (check out our review) we want to help you have the best time you can exploring the Land Of Shadow. Which means getting to the coolest weapons as soon as possible.

This guide will list the top 5 new weapons in Shadow Of The Erdtree you should get ASAP once starting the expansion.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Top 5 Weapons To Grab ASAP In The Realm Of Shadow

1. Beast Claw

This is first on the list only because it is the easiest to acquire, it is not an indication that it is better than any of the other weapons listed. That said, they are pretty damn cool.

These come with their own Ash of War called Savage Claw, and it’s honestly good enough that we’d recommend not switching it out. It’s also one of the 8 new weapon types, so it’s good to grab this right away to get a taste of the new combat to come in the DLC.

You can check out our guide here on how to find and get the Beast Claw.

2. Great Katana

The Great Katana is another weapon that showcases another of the new 8 weapon types. You can find the first of this new category simply called the Great Katana in the middle of a lake in the northwest corner of the Gravesite Plains.

Be warned you’ll have to fight a dragon who is defending it. Once acquired, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fans will be overjoyed at the Ash of War it comes equipped with, which is essentially the Ichimonjji strike attack from Wolf’s arsenal.

The attack is called Overhead Stance, where you’ll raise the very large katana over your head and slam it down once for an R1 attack and three times in quick succession for an R2.

3. Smithscript Spear/Cirque/Axe/Greathammer/Dagger/Shield

These weapons are a particularly special addition as one of the 8 new weapon classes, as all these weapons are infinitely throwable. There’s no ammo concern, you can simply keep throwing them again and again.

That’s the basic R2 attack for all of them. Each has their own style but you can throw them all to varying degrees of damage and they make for an excellent close-to-mid-range option.

They scale with dexterity, strength, faith and intelligence though the degree of that scaling depends on which weapon you’re using.

The Dagger, Cirque and Spear all scale better with dexterity, while the Axe, Greathammer and Shield all scale better with strength.

Here’s where you can find them:

  • You can find the Smithscript Dagger in the Ruined Forge Lava Intake
  • You can find the Smithscript Spear and Cirque in the Ruined Forge Of Starfall Past
  • You can find the Smithscript Axe, Greathammer and Shield in Taylew’s Ruined Forge

4. Dryleaf Arts (Dane’s Footwork)

This is arguably the coolest new weapon type in Shadow of the Erdtree. It’s the martial art weapon showcased in trailers with a spinning-four-kick Ash of War attack.

To get this weapon, you’ll need to fine Dryleaf Dane, who’ll be standing just by the Moorth Ruins site of grace. Once you enter the Scadu Altus, you’ll find a gesture, May the Best Win along with a Monk’s Missive right at the Highroad Cross site of grace.

At the Moorth Ruins, do the gesture in front of Dane to challenge him. Defeat him to win the Dane’s Footwork weapon to acquire this new martial art.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this is a dexterity and strength scaling weapon, but it’s also recommended that when adding the Dryleaf Whirlwind Ash of War to it, you do so with some sort of elemental bent.

This weapon paired with the Shattered Stone Talisman also helps flesh out the build into something really powerful.

5. Backhand Blades

This is another of the new 8 weapon types that really expands your movement capabilities, and thankfully it’s also quite easy to acquire. Simply head northeast from the Scorched Ruins site of grace to find a small mausoleum with a group of enemies walking by it.

Defeat them and just in front of the stone coffin will be the Backhand Blades, a dexterity and strength scaling weapon with a unique Ash of War called Blind Spot, which makes you dash quickly behind an enemy while attacking them from a new angle.

These weapons also have R1 and R2 attacks that can continuously flow between one another, making them great for crowd control.

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