DOOM: The Dark Ages To Be Announced At Xbox's Showcase, Claims New 'Exclusive'

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And it's supposedly coming to "PlayStation as well"

DOOMImage: id Software

There have already been some signs a new DOOM game could be appearing at this year's Xbox Games Showcase and a new "exclusive" has now independently verified this while also providing some new information about the title.

According to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, the final name of the new entry is believed to be 'DOOM: The Dark Ages'. It has supposedly been in development for "at least four years" now and could potentially be 'medieval inspired':

"Last year, I heard of early details of the next entry into the DOOM franchise, which was described to me as a ‘medieval inspired doom world’. While that doesn’t necessarily give much information to go on, ‘year zero’, ‘the dark ages’, and ‘medieval inspired’ starts to paint a vivid picture of where the series could be going next. Perhaps we’ll be taking more of an early look at the Doomslayer’s life during the medieval times? A prequel of sorts?"

Adding to this latest update is a comment from podcaster 'NateTheHate' who claims this new DOOM title will also be a multiplatform release, further stating "Yes; it's coming to PlayStation 5". Windows Central's Jez Corden has corroborated this, while also confirming it will be coming to "Xbox Game Pass as well".

"I can also confirm Nate's report that DOOM: The Dark Ages is slated for PlayStation as well... And you can expect DOOM: The Dark Ages to join other DOOM games on Xbox Game Pass"

This latest update about this rumoured DOOM title follows on from a leak, a new Bethesda trademark, and also a report from The Verge's Tom Warren, where he teased a new DOOM announcement. The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled to take place on 9th June 2024.

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