Dark Souls Re-Remastered is out and is everything the original remaster should’ve been

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We love Souls games in this house, but it’s not as if FromSoftware is entirely devoid of sin. There was a lot of hype for the release of Dark Souls Remastered back in 2018, but the final product left a lot to be desired. Even though it didn’t introduce new problems, it just didn’t offer much in terms of graphical improvements. In fact, the remastered version looks so similar to the original Prepare To Die release that I trust this is the first time you’re reminded you haven’t been playing the OG Dark Souls PC since you paid for the remaster.

Are you sick of waiting for Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree, but don’t want to go through another playthrough of the base game? Then it’s a good time to revisit the series’ roots, as modder fromsoftserve just released Dark Souls Re-Remastered, a mod that offers many of the graphical improvements that should’ve been present on the official remaster. It looks so good that you almost wonder if you’re looking at an Elden Ring mod that uses the maps from Dark Souls.

Dark Souls Re-Remastered features:

fromsoftserve mentions Dynamic shadows, HD shadows, Higher Polygon distant meshes, more grass, better water reflections, better ambient occlusion, parallax occlusion mapping, better normal maps, altered specular maps, better armor/weapon textures, 4K boss textures, and fixes for bugs present in the original game.

They also included many side-by-side comparisons, and it’s pretty much night and day.

Here are a few more screenshots just because this is a thing of true beauty.

Lots of new followers, so hello! I'm fromsoftserve, a souls modder who has spent 8+ months and over 1000 hours on the Dark Souls Re-Remastered mod, which adds dynamic shadows, better textures, restored PTDE lighting, bugfixes, more parallax occlusion mapping, & more to DS1! pic.twitter.com/1QGKq6irc3

— fromsoftserve (@fromsoftserve) May 23, 2024

Community reactions have been very positive, with players complimenting the mod for looking great and running very well. The sole exception so far is this Twitter user saying that everything looks awesome except for Blighttown, which looks too dark in their game.

Yoooo bro I tried out your mod for a bit and it was lookin pretty great from firelink to gargoyles but down in blighttown its dark as hell!!!! I can't tell where I'm going at all idk if this is intentional or not but I'm just in a black void @ the end of blighttown lol pic.twitter.com/V1wgva1PWM

— OLIVER (@fagwithacne) May 26, 2024

fromsoftserve explains that the glitch is easily fixable by just restarting the game. Great stuff and, in all honesty, I’d have been ok with them just replying “forget it, Oliver. It’s Blighttown”.

You can now download Dark Souls Re-Remastered 1.01 here, or just wait until the release of Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree on June 21.

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