Cookie Run: Kingdom celebrates Gingerbrave's 15th birthday with raffle event

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 Kingdom celebrates Gingerbrave's 15th birthday with raffle event
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom and other games in the series are celebrating Gingerbrave's 15th birthday
  • The Devsisters mascot first appeared in Cookie Run, released fifteen years ago
  • To celebrate, a raffle with some strange, and rather eclectic, prizes are on offer

It's been fifteen years since the first release in the long-running Cookie Run (pun not intended) series. And to celebrate, developer Devsisters is set to hold a raffle for players to compete in. Not only that but free rewards have also been made available across a wide variety of games in the Cookie Run series, including Kingdom and Oven Break.

Entering the raffle is pretty simple, and can be done via the official Happy Brave Festa event website. So we'll concentrate on some of the rewards rather than exactly how it works.


That's because, aside from the usual stuff, like tech gadgets, Cookie Run merch and plushies, there's also the grand prize. And hold onto your hats, because apparently, the top prize for the Happy Brave Festa raffle is a solid-gold Cookie Run coin weighing 18.75g.

Gold in them thar' Cookie Run Kingdoms

While many of the prizes on offer are pretty ordinary, we have to admit that the gold coin is what caught our eye. We can already guess there'll be some sort of argument if or when someone wins it about just how pure the gold is, but either way it's a rather impressive grand prize to have for a game like this.

It's also especially notable to see how far Devsisters have come with their franchise, from humble beginnings back in 2009 to being a massive IP today. It's a pretty astounding rise when you step back and look at it.

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