Check Out This Great Deal On The Dead Space Remake

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The Dead Space remake just launched in January, but that hasn’t stopped Best Buy and Amazon from offering the game at a big discount. Head over to either storefront, and you’ll find the incredible remake for just $55, down from its usual $70. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are discounted to this price. Amazon's promotion is even sweeter because Dead Space is part of the retailer's buy one, get one 50% off promotion that spans across games (including select new releases), books, electronics, and more. So make sure you check out the full catalog of eligible items to get an even better deal.

This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for Dead Space since launch--making it a great time to check out the horrifying action game. Newcomers will be treated to the definitive way to experience Isaac’s haunting adventure, while Dead Space veterans will find this to be a massive upgrade over the original that’s more than worth the $55 investment.

While graphics are the most notable difference between this remake and the original, it also benefits from no loading screens, reworked dialogue, updated mechanics, a redesigned map, and side missions to keep you busy while exploring the Ishimura.

Our Dead Space review gave the game an impressive 9/10, praising just about everything the reworked title has to offer.

“Newcomers and hardcore Dead Space fans will get the most out of the experience, but this is now the quintessential way to play one of the survival horror genre's best,” wrote critic Richard Wakeling. “The remake's overhauled visuals are phenomenal across the board, bringing the Ishimura's suffocatingly grim bowels to life with a disgusting sheen.”

Dead Space Remake Video Review

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