Can you respec your stats in No Rest for the Wicked? Answered

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Anytime you level up in No Rest for the Wicked you get a set of stats you can upgrade, but can you respec your stats? If you make a mistake or feel like you want to change how you allocated your stats, what can you do?

No Rest for the Wicked: Can you reset your stats?

There are eight different stats in total, and you start with a value of 10 in each stat at the start of your game. With every level up you can allocate three points into a stat, but what if you make a mistake and want to change them? The good news is that you can now respec your stats in No Rest for the Wicked!

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In Patch 2 for No Rest for the Wicked, Moon Studios introduced the ability to respec your Attribute Points. You can respec your Attribute Points at the statue in the Crucible Atrium. Once you unlock the Crucible, you’ll be able to engage in this endgame dungeon. But just before you head down you can inspect a statue.

This statue will allow you to take back one Attribute Point at the cost of one Fallen Ember. While it was important to know the best stats to level up first, it’s good to know that you can respec them at the Crucible.

Can You Respec Your Stats In No Rest For The Wicked StatueScreenshot: PC Invasion

Once you take back your once-spent Attribute Points, you’ll be able to allocate them on your character menu. This makes it a lot easier to try different weapons since weapons are tied to certain stats.

Patch 2 also introduced the ability to wield weapons even if you don’t have the Attribute Requirements. This way you can see which weapon you like best before you respec your Attribute Points.

It’s nice to know that Moon Studios is willing to implement quality-of-life updates such as the ability to respec. Otherwise, you may also be itching to figure out how to equip more Runes on your weapons.

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