Black Myth: Wukong Still Looks Bananas in New Trailer, Out 20th August on PS5

3 weeks ago 50

So close, yet so far

After going silent for a while, Black Myth: Wukong has resurfaced with a new trailer, unveiled at the recent WeGame showcase and courtesy of IGN. The PS5 action game continues to look bananas, and we won't have much longer to wait to get our grasping paws on it, as it's out on the 20th August on PS5.

Developed by Game Science, a studio that previously succeeded with mobile games 100 Heroes and Red Tides, Black Myth will be its first foray into the console space, an origin story it shares with Stellar Blade's Shift Up. It certainly looks like it could scratch a similar itch, but it remains to be seen whether Game Science can similarly stick the landing; while combat looks compelling and will feature spectacle set-piece battles, the resolution seems fuzzy in the trailers we've seen, and we hope it performs well from a technical perspective.

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