BGMI Jewel Exchange Center Explained

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Players have been barely able to control their excitement with the resounding comeback of their favorite battle royale title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). After the game got re-released on 29th May, Krafton rolled out a new feature in BGMI called the Jewel Exchange Centre on 30th May. Notably, this is the second event to be released along with the Welcome Back event and is available for both Android and iOS users. The Jewel Exchange Center gives users the opportunity to get their hands on stellar rewards including cosmetics and emotes. 

Here’s all you need to know about BGMI’s Jewel Exchange Center.

Jewel Exchange Center in BGMI: All You Need to Know

The Jewel Exchange Center is currently live in BGMI and you can find it in the events section inside the game. This particular event will run until 28th June. Notably, players can exchange their Phantom Jewels for artifacts and other mythic cosmetics as part of this center. 

Here’s a list of rewards you can unlock with Phantom Jewels:

  • Spectral Swan Cover: 3 Phantom Jewels

  • Spectral Swan Set: 6 Phantom Jewels

  • Cosmic Inquisitor Cover: 3 Phantom Jewels

  • Cosmic Inquisitor Set: 6 Phantom Jewels

  • Cosmic Inquisitor - M416: 4 Phantom Jewels

  • Luminous Galaxy - Scar L: 4 Phantom Jewels

  • Luminous Galaxy Backpack: 2 Phantom Jewels

  • Nebula Trail Helmet: 2 Phantom Jewels

  • Endless Glory Parachute: 2 Phantom Jewels

  • Spectral Swan Emote: 1 Phantom Jewel

  • Cosmic Inquisitor Emote: 1 Phantom Jewel

For those of you who are unaware of getting Phantom Jewels in BGMI, it is fairly straightforward. Phantom Jewels can be obtained by opening the new Galaxy Crate in the game. 

Players should note that they are required to spend Unknown Cash (UC) to open these Galaxy Crates. One crate currently costs 60 UC but a crate bundle, with ten Galaxy Crates, can be opened by spending 540 UC.

Notably, UC is the premium currency in BGMI that allows players to get their hands on exclusive in-game cosmetics, unlock the Elite Pass, and access various other premium features. Usually, you have to purchase UC from the in-game store to obtain these items.

To get more Phantom Jewels you might be inclined to make more UC purchases in BGMI. But kindly keep in mind that there is a new spending limit on UC purchases every day within the game and you will have to wait for a few days to collect all the jewels you need to unlock a reward from the Jewel Exchange Center.

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