Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Features a New Mission Tied to Beyond Good and Evil 2

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beyond good and evil 20th anniversary edition

Ubisoft has announced a release date for Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, and though fans of the original are obviously excited for its imminent remaster, there’s obviously plenty of question marks over the fate of its troubled and long-in-development sequel. Interestingly enough, however, as it turns out, the upcoming remaster is going to feature some intriguing ties to said sequel.

As mentioned on its official websiteBeyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is going to feature an exclusive, new mission that will tie into Beyond Good and Evil 2. Specifically, players will “learn more about Jade’s childhood and her link to Beyond Good and Evil 2” on a new treasure hunt.

What exactly that means for Beyond Good and Evil 2 itself remains to be seen. In the years that have passed since its announcement, little to no updates have been offered on it. Though Ubisoft has insisted that the game remains in the works, reports have spoken about its many development issues, reboots, delays, and what have you.

Allegedly, as of 2022, the project was still “years away” from being released. A recent report claimed that Ubisoft has had a new trailer ready for the game for “about a year”, though the game was not part of the lineup of titles showcased at the Ubisoft Forward event earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition launches on June 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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