Anime Crossover Defense tier list

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Latest update18th May 2024 / 11:10 pm

We added Helmet and EveryMight to the ACD tier list.

Save your gems and only roll for the best Anime Crossover Defense units by learning which rank above the rest.

The Anime Crossover Defense tier list below can help you do just that: save your gems for the best banners. Resources are scarce. By upgrading only the best of the best, you’ll save yourself a grind at higher difficulties.

Anime Crossover Defense tier list – Helmet and EveryMight update

A Jojo unit from Anime Crossover Defense.Joe, an Epic unit from Anime Crossover Defense.

Here’s how the current release units rank on the Roblox ACD tier list, using in-game character names rather than their official names:

  • S-tier
    • Rengogo, Modoro, Broccoli, Time Maid, Butterfly, Bob, Helmet
  • A-tier
    • Byakari, Deo, Boulmi, Dark Invader, White Moustache, Cat Burglar, Henry, EveryMight
  • B-tier
    • Eric, Joe, Curly Brows, Mosshead, Carrot, Blossom
  • C-tier
    • Nirito, Sneaky Clone, Peaceful Jeri, Ichytoe,

When is the next Anime Crossover Defense unit release?

Following the mini update on May 18, console support has been promised for early the following wee.

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