Among the Wild: Everything We Know

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Farming games have long been cherished for their family-friendly experiences. They offer players a peaceful and engaging escape into the world of agriculture and rural life. These games typically focus on planting crops, raising animals, and building a thriving farm. 

Among the Wild brings a fresh and innovative twist to the beloved farming genre. The game offers a relaxing yet rewarding experience suitable for all ages, seamlessly combining traditional farm management with elements of adventure and exploration. With that in mind, let's explore everything we know about Among the Wild.

What is Among the Wild?

What even IS Among the Wild??? We answer your questions.

Among the Wild is an upcoming FPS farming game that delivers a fantastic farming experience. Players actively manage their farms, making choices and using skills to thrive in a beautiful, adventurous environment.

The game allows you to interact with a variety of creatures on your farm, each with unique traits and behaviors. Building and running your farm is highly customizable, enabling you to tailor it to suit your style and needs. From planting crops and raising animals to exploring the wilderness and discovering hidden treasures, Among the Wild challenges you to make smart decisions and utilize your abilities to succeed.

The world of Among the Wild is rich with opportunities for adventure and exploration. You can embark on quests, uncover secrets, and forge relationships with the inhabitants of this vibrant world. The game’s stunning graphics and detailed environments enhance the overall experience, making every moment spent in Among the Wild captivating.



In Among the Wild, players immerse themselves in a world where they can interact closely with lovely creatures. From learning about their diets and behaviors to understanding their unique traits, players nurture these creatures on their farms. Similarly, you can utilize their abilities to enhance farm productivity or embark on thrilling adventures. 

Beyond creature management, players have the freedom to craft their ideal farm. They can plant crops and construct essential structures like bee hives and fermenting barrels. Ideally, you can design expansive landscapes that blend harmoniously with the wild surroundings. Ultimately, the farm becomes a hub for creativity and strategic decision-making.

Venturing into the wilderness is a central aspect of the game's story. As players explore, they gather vital resources, capture the animals, and confront different challenges that test their skills. Whether fishing in the lakes, mining for precious gems, or completing quests, each expedition offers unique rewards. Ultimately, Among the Wild perfectly blends the aspects of creature care, farm management, and adventurous exploration.



Among the Wild offers an engaging gameplay experience where players dive into a blend of farming, exploration, and creature interaction. At the heart of the game is the opportunity to nurture and bond with various creatures. Understanding their behaviors, needs, and unique abilities is crucial for managing the farm environment. 

One interesting thing about the gameplay is that players can breed creatures and utilize their skills for tasks or adventures. To make things more fantastic, you can trade them for profit.  This is an interesting and unique aspect compared to other farming games.

Building and customizing the farm is another key aspect of gameplay. Players can plant crops, construct essential structures like bee hives and fermenting barrels, and design the layout of their farm to optimize productivity. Managing resources efficiently, crafting useful tools, and expanding the farm while maintaining harmony with the natural surroundings is essential for success.

Exploration is a real deal in Among the Wild, encouraging players to explore the farm utilizing the resources and challenges. The environment ranges from dense forests to serene valleys. Each environment offers opportunities to gather materials, capture the animals, and uncover hidden treasures. Completing quests and interacting with characters further enriches the gameplay, providing insights into the game's narrative and rewarding players with unique items and knowledge.



The trailer for Among the Wild reveals a farm filled with diverse creatures and stunning landscapes. The trailer offers a glimpse of adorable creatures roaming through the player's farm, each showing unique behaviors and traits. From the trailer, these creatures can become allies or present challenges for players as they explore and survive on the farm.

The trailer showcases players building and managing their farms in a lush scenery. They plant crops, build shelters, and set up important facilities that enhance farm management. Additionally, the trailer captures the spirit of adventure and exploration. For more details, you can check out the embedded video above.



The dedicated team at Nuggets Entertainment has made remarkable strides in developing Among the Wild. The game continues to draw significant interest from the gaming community. 

Initially, the team focused on conceptualizing an immersive farm simulation that blends adventure and exploration. Early stages saw the creation of the core mechanics, such as farm layout design, creature behavior programming, and the development of essential player tools and resources. The team at Nuggets Entertainment ensured that fundamental gameplay elements were refined to offer a smooth player experience.

Progressing into the beta testing phase, a select group of players were invited to experience the game and provide valuable feedback. This phase was instrumental in identifying and addressing bugs, balancing gameplay, and enhancing the user interface. Responding to player insights, the development team added new features, including advanced farm management tools, diverse crops, additional creature types, and expanded areas for exploration.

As Among the Wild nears its official launch, Nuggets Entertainment is focused on polishing the final product. This involves fixing any remaining issues and ensuring the game runs smoothly across all platforms. Overall, the development of Among the Wild shows the devs' commitment to delivering a high-quality experience. The team's hard work and attention to detail promise an unforgettable adventure for players exploring the wild.

Release Date and Platforms

Release Date and Platforms

Unfortunately, the exact release date for Among the Wild has yet to be announced. However, the game will be available on PC via Steam. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and the official release date. With its blend of farm management and exploration set in a beautifully crafted world, Among the Wild promises a captivating gaming experience, showcasing the dedication and remarkable work of Nuggets Entertainment.

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