15 Great Games Where Every Minute of the Experience Feels Earned

3 weeks ago 56

As we have seen more than a few times over the years, nailing down the right length can be a surprisingly tricky for games to do. Even the best of games have often deemed to be either a bit too long or a bit too short, while those that are particularly brief or lengthy can find themselves on the receiving end of stronger criticism. That’s why you can never quite take games that know exactly how long they need to be for granted. Here, we’ll be talking about a few such games.


With a main story about 8-9 hours long, Portal 2 is nearly thrice as long as its predecessor, but just like its predecessor, feels like the perfect length. Valve’s ingenious puzzler sequel throws in plenty of new mechanics and design ideas on top of the first game’s foundations, and over the course of its meticulously chiseled runtime, gets absolutely everything out of all of its best ideas.

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